How to save time when parking in Alicante

Save time looking for parking in Alicante. By reserving parking before making a trip from Alicante Airport, you can avoid the stress and anxiety that can be caused by searching for a place to park your vehicle. In addition, it will allow you to arrive at the airport with enough time to carry out all the necessary procedures, such as check-in and pass the demanding security checks. It also allows you to enjoy a more relaxed experience before your flight.

Some drivers do not want to park in private parking lots and spend a lot of time wandering around looking for free parking. A place with adequate dimensions for your car, on a street that is not too narrow to avoid friction, where there are no bars so that the mirrors are not in danger, that is not a ford or a place reserved for loading and unloading. A series of parking requirements in which we forget the variable of time.

How much time do we spend looking for parking?

According to a study by Ecologistas en Acción, Spaniards spend approximately 75 hours a year looking for parking. And looking for parking in Alicante does not always mean finding it. If we take into account that the full working day in Spain is usually 40 hours a week, we would be spending almost two hours of our working time looking for parking. Or what’s worse, we spend our free time wandering around looking for parking and getting angry if another car sees the free space before us.

Parking at Alicante Airport

The city of Alicante has one of the most important airports in Spain and connects with a large number of European capitals. For this reason, many drivers need to leave their vehicles at the airport while they are traveling.

Tips to save on parking in Alicante

Reserve in advance. One of the best ways to save time when parking at an airport is to reserve in advance in a parking lot near the airport, located a few minutes from the terminal. Airport parking is usually very expensive and that is why at Lowcostparking.es you can calculate in advance how much your stay will cost. By booking in advance, you can avoid unnecessary delays and queues.

Use the drop-off service: If your flight leaves early and you don’t have much time to park, you can use this special service. You can leave your car in a designated area in the airport terminal and a driver will take you to the reserved area. Although this service is usually more expensive, it allows you to save time by avoiding having to look for a parking place.

If you are planning a trip that departs from the airport, remember to reserve your parking spot in Alicante in advance to avoid unnecessary delays and avoid the stress that is usually felt before catching a flight.ç

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